This is my story

I am an awarded, mentioned, hard working mobile and web designer with a really cool skill set.

I´ve been working as a designer for almost 10 year. I first started working with print (Brochures, Business Cards and stuff like that), but I quickly moved to web design. My first websites were built on Macromedia Flash, which were mostly animations and graphics, but very little user centered design. With the strong arrival of HTML5 and CSS3 I started moving into creating sites that were focused on the interface and not so much on graphics.

When the USER CENTERED DESIGN became a must have, I began to realize that I was on a field of work where I felt really comfortable, but I did continue working as Full Stack Designer, designing mobile applications, creating PPT presentations, and working little bit on branding and social networks related stuff.

As time went by I got more into User Experience and I started involving. little by little into my work process, UX tools such as wireframes, personas, customer journey maps, prototypes and finally, the Design Thinking method, which is the method I use nowadays. As I get involved with new UX features, the quality of my work starts to evolve and improve, and now I end up designing better final products, because I have a wider understanding of the product. And this is something that my teammates, bosses and clients also notice and very much approve.

These past 9 years have given me the maturity, experience and mindset to understand that each project is a different challenge and that each time, I must be at my 110%, no matter what.

Right now I'm capable of:

  • Working remotely, without constant monitoring.
  • Be a part of the ideation, prototyping and execution processes of a digital product.
  • Commiting to the quality of my work in order to get it right, to matter how much it takes.
  • Working with all kinds of stakeholders with excellent communication skills.
  • Prototyping a product with with HTML + CSS + Javascript
  • Leading small teams and carry out several project management tasks such as creating and monitoring schedules for me, and my team.
  • Really loving what I do.....I might not be the best, but I´m willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Right now I´m learning, growing and getting better every day.

So, In conclusion, I would love the opportunity for a skype, telephone or hangouts interview to further discuss my skills, my experience and my portfolio.

This are my skills

Ricardo has all the abilities to function as a designer on any professional situation, big or small.

Oysten Schetnje.
UI Design

Responsive Design, Material Design, Mobile Patterns, Typography, Layout, Color Theory, Style Guides and Component Based Design. Tools: Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator and After Effects.

UX Design

Design Thinking Method: User Research, Empathy Mapping, Brainstorming, Wireframing, Prototyping, and Usability Testing.

Front End

HTML5 + CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular JS Material, Angular JS (Basic), Ionic and Phonegap, Wordpress and Prestashop.

Project Management

GitHub, SourceTree, Trello, Asana, Slack, Skype, Remote Working, Design Strategy, Flexibility and Teamwork.

Stuff that I have achieved

I have been awarded and mentioned by different organizations. For example: In 2015 I was invited by Google to make part of the Google Developers Launchpad week in Bogota. On June of 2014 Bogotá Piensa Tic chose my team to contribute to help Bogota to achieve a solution to make this city, a "smarter city". A year before that, on the month of March, the Bavaria Institute awarded my team an academic support to accelerate our entrepreneurial innovation project. On 2017 KeepCoding awarded me with a half scolarship for their Mobile Bootcamp. And earlier this year (2018), the Interaction Design Foundation certified me as top 10 class student (1st on my country and 10th in South America) on their User Experience Course.


People I have worked for

Web Designer


2017 - 2018 As the web designer for MONETIZEMORE I was in charge of a complete overhaul of all the corporate image.

Design Lead


OCT 12 - FEB 16 As a design lead I completely transformed the ideation and production processes of the company.

Design Lead


FROM 2016 TO 2017 As a design lead I developed from scratch all processes to design and develop multimedia reportages.

Front End Designer


FROM 2016 TO 2017 As a freelance designer and developer I worked on interfaces for more than 40 different projects in a record time of 12 months.


Stuff that I have learned

I´ve had the opportunity of studying in different countries and different modalities (online and offline) and all of this has helped me to understand that more than creating an interface or a product I need to focus on creating experiences.

Interaction Design Foundation

Online User Experience Courses
Online, Current.

Image Campus

Specialization In Mobile App Design And Development
Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2013.

UNAD Florida

Bachelors of Science in Systems Engineering
Bogotá, Colombia. Current.

Universidad Piloto

Course In Multiplatform Mobile App Design.
Bogotá, Colombia. 2015.